Borland UK in profit, details product release schedule

Borland UK said today that the financial struggles of its parent would not affect it after the beleagured developer tool maker announced another heavy loss, adding to a year of gloom and doom.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"The story is different in the UK and right across Europe," said Nigel Brown, sales and marketing director of Borland UK. "The UK is very profitable and this calendar year we've made a profit and hit our revenue targets every quarter. Borland has to restructure as we have divested ourselves of our office products but any restructuring will not affect us in Europe. In the UK we have 35 people and are recruiting for three more."

Brown played down rumours that Borland will sell off its Scotts Valley, California headquarters but said it could rent part of the property: "It's a larger complex than Borland needs right now."

The product roll out for the UK will kick off with the February release of C++ Builder, described by Brown as "a huge technical jump ... it will bring visual Intranet development to C++." Delphi 97 will follow in April, followed by JBuilder in June or July.

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