Box brings its users' content to Quip's collaboration platform

Box is integrating with the Salesforce-owned platform via Quip's new Live Apps tool
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

The cloud content management company Box is later this month rolling out a new integration with Quip, the Salesforce-owned collaboration platform.

With the new Box Files Viewer, customers will be able to embed Box folders and all file types directly into Quip. They'll be able to upload files or folders, as well as preview, share or update them, in real time without leaving Quip. The new integration also promises to keep content protected by Box's security and compliance capabilities. They'll have the same permissions set from within Box, so the only people who can view your files from Quip are the same ones who can view them in Box.

The integration was built with Quip's new Live App tool, which allows for custom-built applications that can be embedded directly into any Quip document. Salesforce rolled out Live Apps at last year's Dreamforce conference, along with other enhancements to the Quip platform.

Among the other enterprise companies that have built their own Live Apps is Box competitor Dropbox.

Box often highlights its interoperability and cooperation with other cloud service providers. "Our job is to find a way to be the place where content can go when you want to be able to govern it, secure it, manage it, and collaborate around it," Box CEO Aaron Levie told ZDNet earlier this year. "But, we know that you're going use content in lots of different places -- where you're doing your work."

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