Box.com spreads support with apps for Android tablets, BB PlayBook

Box is expanding its cloud computing presence with the addition of some new apps in its repertoire.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

For a cloud-based platform to be truly successful, one could argue that it needs to be as accessible as possible.

Box.com is on that path with the launch of two new mobile apps, one specifically designed for Android tablets and another for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup is going another step further by simultaneously rolling out an HTML5-compatible mobile browser.

These apps are notable for the fact that Box has made itself more accessible to three different platforms (and a wealth of devices thanks to expanded Android and HTML5 support) in a single day.

Other than that, these apps are fairly standard and straightforward. Users can get access to their Box.com accounts like they would on the desktop, work on collaborative projects securely, etc.

Although HTML5 support will surely help on iOS devices, it will be more useful on Windows Phone 7 devices as Box does not have an specially designed app for Microsoft's mobile platform just yet.

Box already has free apps optimized for the iPhone and the iPad. Following suit, downloading the Box for Android tablet and PlayBook apps are free. The fees come in when signing up for Box's cloud-based services, which vary in pricing depending if you'll be using them for personal, business or enterprise purposes. (Note that personal accounts up to 5GB for a single user are free.)

Box noted in a statement that the cloud storage service has already seen 400,000 downloads of its iOS app and another 100,000 for Android.

In July, Box was one of the first companies to roll out an optimized app for webOS on the HP TouchPad. That deal came with a promotional offer of 50GB of free storage space for TouchPad owners.


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