Box, Salesforce reinforce relationship with Box Embed framework

Salesforce joins the growing ecosystem of tech giants supporting Box's HTML5-embeddable framework.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Box has been busy building up its collective of industry partners, and the latest development strengthens its relationship with Salesforce.com.

The CRM giant is joining the list of tech giants that support Box Embed, the cloud storage provider's HTML5-embeddable framework that brings together Box's suite of collaboration features and cloud-stored content to third-party applications.

Essentially, this deal makes all of Box's collaboration services available within Salesforce records without having to leave the Salesforce platform. Users can also create, edit, share and search for files from their Box storage accounts within Salesforce apps.

To recall, Box Embed first debuted last fall with the likes of Oracle, NetSuite and SugarCRM, among others, signed on at launch time.

Box and Salesforce have had a friendly relationship in the past. But as Salesforce added its own cloud storage service (Chatterbox) to its portfolio last year, that partnership has been called into question.

Nevertheless, there are stranger bedfellows in this business -- just look at the recent reconciliation and lovefest between Salesforce and Oracle.

The updated version of Box for Salesforce is available today for Box Enterprise customers via the Salesforce AppExchange.



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