Box serves up file sharing for small Mexican restaurant

When the owners of New York's Dos Toros needed a recipe for more secure, remote file sharing, they turned to the cloud.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

You've probably heard the term "sneaker net." Well how about "bicycle net?" That's the primary way that New York Mexican restaurant chain, Dos Toros, used to share files and important information before investing in a Box account last year.

Dos Toros is a four-location taqueria chain with approximately 80 employees. Aleta Maxwell, the director of human resources, finance and administration, said as the company grew, it became more difficult to ensure that individual managers were using the same versions of financial information and other spreadsheets. "You've got to keep everything the same across restaurants," added Leo Kremer, co-founder and owner of Dos Toros.

Aside from using email, which is a challenge for version control, the team used to shuttle updates around on bicycles in order to make sure everyone was on the same page.

The Box service was suggested as an alternative by one of the general managers. "Definitely, the security features were a huge point for us," Maxwell said.

Using Box, Dos Toros has created an archive for its spreadsheets, point of sale and accounting information, which can be accessed -- depending on the controls set by the owners -- the information that they need to run their individual location. "We can see who is accessing and touching the different files, which is also a huge consideration," Maxwell said.

Pricing for Box starts at $45 per month for a team of three.

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