Box's OneCloud launches as 'first mobile cloud for the enterprise'

Not only can mobile device users access their cloud-based files with Box, but they can access and edit those files directly on smartphones and tablets with third-party apps.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Box is reaching out to its mobile enterprise clientele, in particular, today with the introduction of Box OneCloud.

Chris Yeh, vice president of platform at Box, touted Box OneCloud as the "first mobile cloud for the enterprise."

Now, certainly one could say that Box's cloud-based storage services (and other cloud platforms) have already been very mobile for some time now.

Yeh explained that the importance here is placed on the productivity aspect for the enterprise. Not only can mobile device users access their cloud files, but their files are unified in one place (Box) alongside third-party productivity apps delivered against that cloud repository.

"It’s not just a cloud storage or file collaboration setup, but also the apps that operate on them that make it appropriate for the enterprise," added Yeh.

The actual file and content that belongs to a particular business account stays within Box, but those files can be edited by any number of apps.

Although more than 30 apps will be made available at launch time, Box OneCloud is starting off with four premier partners: Quickoffice, PaperPort Notes, Adobe Echosign and PDF Expert.

This offers a potential win-win situation for both business customers and developers.

Box users have more flexibility and opportunities to be productive within one, centralized app while on-the-go. Developers have the chance to reach a larger audience on yet another platform as Box OneCloud is being released with a collection of developer tools and a new app-to-app integration framework.

Box OneCloud is available for iOS mobile devices now. An Android version is expected to drop in May, with an edition for Windows Mobile released thereafter.

Screenshot via Box


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