Brazil's Original bank rolls out facial recognition technology

The feature allows account holders to validate information via mobile.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Brazil's first digital bank Original has introduced facial recognition functionality for authentication of banking transactions.

With the functionality, dubbed Liveness, customers will be able to perform operations by validating their information through their mobile phone.

The new tool is an addition to the call-back process for transaction verification. It allows validation of customer detail changes and transactions through basic and random movements requested by the application within the banking app.

"With Liveness, we will provide even more convenience and agility in the processes, and the service greatly increases the safety of operations," says Luiz Henrique Guimarães De Freitas, IT executive superintendent at Original.

The functionality has been available since November for all Original customers.The project is part of a set of initiatives to improve customer experience and security across the digital channels that support the bank's financial products and services.

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