Breathe.com gets a new owner

Affinity buys hard luck ISP for £1.75m after Great Universal Stores decides it can't hold Breathe.com any longer
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

After being bought out by Great Universal Stores early this year, Breathe.com has now been bought by Internet service provider Affinity Internet Holdings for £1.75m in shares.

During the dot-com boom Breathe built a brand around "converged" Internet services, combining the Net with mobile phones and other access technologies. At one time Breathe hoped for a £100m flotation. But it was unable to make back massive marketing and infrastructure costs and went into administration in December, taking with it the £50 fees paid by its subscribers for a promised flat-rate Internet access for life deal.

In January Breathe was purchased by GUS, mainly for its e-commerce technology, but GUS was less interested in the Breathe brand.

Affinity provides ISP services that are resold and rebranded by other firms. The company will receive 533,537 shares at £3.28 per share.

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