Broadcast your mobile presentation to remote attendees

With the new SlideShark Broadcasting service, presenters can invite remote attendees to follow along with PowerPoint content being shared on their Apple iOS mobile device.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Yahoo's infamous anti-telecommuting edict notwithstanding, chances are high that you or someone on the sales team for your small business are faced with client calls where at least one of the attendees isn't actually there in person. That's especially likely if you're in the business-to-business world, selling to companies that are much larger than your own.

But that remote person doesn't have to be an audio-only participant.

A new service from Brainshark — which is behind the SlideShark mobile presentation app for the Apple iPad and iPhone — will let you "broadcast" your PowerPoint presentation content to any internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone using a web browser. The presenter remains in control of when slides are pushed or how animations unfold.

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Image: Brainshark


Here's what one of the early users — Mehgan Recker, senior manager for digital innovation and development at Stagnito Media — has to say about the service, called SlideShark Broadcasting:

Now when reps learn someone can't attend a meeting, they won't have to scramble to email out the deck — hoping the recipient will follow along correctly. SlideShark Broadcasting lets our sales reps keep everyone in the loop, while enabling them to maintain control over their presentation delivery.

In order to use this capability, you tap within the app to start a broadcast session, and then invite attendees to join by sharing a unique URL and username. (So yes, you still have to email the person or persons who aren't there, but you can control what he or she is seeing and you can also keep track of how long they attended the broadcast.)

Along with the new capability, SlideShark is launching a new service level called SlideShark Pro that gives presenters the ability to invite up to 10 attendees to each presentation that they broadcast. (You also get an extra 1 gigabyte of storage.)

Users of the SlideShark Team Edition can nvite up to 25 attendees simultaneously.

Anyone who uses the free SlideShark service or the SlideShark Plus service level can try out the broadcasting feature for free until May 31, 2013, inviting up to three attendees to a given broadcast. (After that, all bets are off!)

SlideShark Plus starts at $49 per year for one user and 500 megabytes of presentation storage. SlideShark Pro is $95 per user per year through May 31 (with 1 gigabyte); and SlideShark Team Edition starts at $149 per user per year through May 31 (5 gigabytes).

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