BroadVision and Intel partners to optimize e-business sloutions

Intel will be supplying its Solution Services to BroadVision for its suite of Intel-based e-business solution. Under the new alliance formed between the two companies, joint efforts will be directed toward both development and marketing.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

SINGAPORE - BroadVision, Inc. and Intel Corporation are forming an alliance to jointly develop and market e-business solutions. The solutions will be built on BroadVision's suite of e-business applications for Intel-based servers.

Both companies will commit substantial engineering, professional services, sales and marketing resources toward performance and technology optimization, co-marketing programs, and expanded field sales engagement.

Under the terms of the alliance, Intel will place BroadVision's suite of applications in Intel Solution Centers, Intel's test labs, to optimize BroadVision applications for Intel's current and future 32-bit processors.

Intel's Solution Services, a customer services branch that focuses on fine-tuning programs to run most efficiently on Intel architecture systems, will also be deploying Broadvision's Intel-based e-business solutions.

"BroadVision already offers superior performance on Intel-based servers and scales very well on platforms such as Windows NT," said Brett Ho, vice president and general manager, BroadVision Asia Pacific and Japan operations. "By collaborating with Intel, we can ensure even better performance and scalability on Intel platforms moving forward."

The goal of the alliance is to provide customers with solutions that offer a better price/performance ratio than comparable solutions running on other processor architectures.

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