Brush fires in...Britain?

You normally couldn't set the U.K. countryside alight even if you had a flame thrower and a molotov cocktail. But watch it crackle in this short, hot video. Global warming, or natural cycle?
Written by Mark Halper, Contributor
California? Australia? No, it's Wales.


You normally couldn't set Britain's countryside alight even if you had a flame thrower and a Molotov cocktail. It's rained every day since I moved here - in 1999. That'll douse your average flicked cigarette.

It all changed this month though. Alas: Sun! Heat! Fire!

Walloped by what news reports are calling "the longest heat wave in years," the number of fire hazards in the U.K. has just skyrocketed. You're now getting scenes that look straight out of California or Australia. Yet check out the picture above and the video below. They're from the hills of Wales.

The "grass fire" and others like it are nowhere near the scale of the tragic conflagrations that have ignited in more expansive regions of the world.

But they're notable nonetheless, simply for their presence in a normally sodden land.

And now for the inevitable question: Is this a sign of man made global warming? Or is it simply a natural return to what Brits have for 14 soggy years dubiously told me used to be the "glorious British summers"?

Video from NewsWorldWide24hrs via YouTube. Photo is a screen grab from the video.

PS: The firefighter speaks in a Welsh accent, in case you're wondering

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