BT holding Britain back on ADSL - Pluthero

Freeserve chief doesn't mince his words in scathing attack of British Telecom's failure to roll out ADSL
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

If you read part one of ZDNet's exclusive interview with Freeserve CEO John Pluthero on Wednesday, you'll know he isn't afraid of telling it like it is.

In part two, Pluthero criticises BT for its failure to deliver ADSL, leaving Britain behind the rest of Europe and predicts how much you will be paying to get online this time next year.

Part two of Eye2Eye with John Pluthero, only on ZDNet UK News, today at 2pm.

Guy Kewney thinks BT is simply making excuses. Go to AnchorDesk UK for his opinion and the news comment.

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