Businesses get global view of malware war

The Prevx Point Monitoring Service, now for sale in beta form, lets firms see how their security systems are coping compared to other users worldwide
Written by Dan Ilett, Contributor
Security company Prevx is planning to launch a beta version of a malware monitoring service which it says will compares cybercrime trends around the world.

Prevx's End Point Monitoring Service will, says the company, give businesses a bird's-eye view of malware, such as viruses, spyware and Trojans, that have penetrated their networks. Prevx says customers will be able to compare results with Prevx's database of 500,000 users around the world.

"You get a global view of what malware's doing," said Sarabhjit Bharaj, consultant for Prevx. "But it gives you a view of what's happening in your company so you compare that with the global situation. What that tells you is if and how the code has got through your various security measures. Although you may have these security defences on the network, things still get through. This can tell you where the holes are."

Although the company is releasing the product as a beta release, it is still charging a discounted price of £6,000 (a discount of 33 percent) for the first three months of use. Nick Ray, Prevx 's chief executive officer, said he thought it was fair to charge for a beta release as customers would be upgraded later.

"They don't have to continue their subscription," said Ray. "We're very open about that. If they decide they want to have a look and buy it, they can. The nature of the beast is that it will always be evolving as we've got hundreds of thousands of reports coming in every day of malware that gets through systems."

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