Businesses to get 'huge wave' of tablets by 2013

A report by Gartner has predicted that around 80 percent of businesses will provide support for tablet devices by 2013
Written by Natasha Lomas, Contributor

In the next few years the vast majority of businesses will support tablets for their workforce, analysts have predicted.

According to Gartner, by 2013 media tablets such as Apple's iPad will have infiltrated 80 percent of enterprises, and the increasing use of the devices, along with other mobile gadgetry such as smartphones, will disrupt business as usual for chief information officers in the coming years.


Analysts have predicted that tablets such as the iPad will be supported by busness in the future. Photo credit: Apple

The upcoming "huge wave" of tablets will bring with it a variety of new support requirements for the IT department — starting at a bare minimum of appliance-level support with limited network connectivity and helpdesk support for workers who bring in their own tablets from home, the analyst said.

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