Buyers can now use cash to purchase Apple iPad

Apple reverses their unpopular no-cash policy when it comes to buying an iPad and even gives out a free iPad to the customer they previously turned down.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Recently, Bay Area resident Diane Campbell walked into the Apple Store in San Francisco with dreams of buying an iPad and wished to do so with cash. Apple turned her down.

But after the media got wind of the scandal and an angry campaign took off on Facebook, Apple had a change of heart.

Between this no-cash incident and the mess with the leak of the fourth-gen iPhone, Apple's once pristine PR image is tarnishing rapidly.

The no-cash for iPad policy was installed to prevent people from buying the 9.7-inch tablet computer in bulk and then selling it overseas. Given that the May 28th international launch date is almost upon us, Apple probably doesn't care as much about this rule anymore. They also probably don't like the angry mobs turning against them either.

So as a peace offering, the Cupertino giant has not only banished the policy, but Ms. Campbell also got a free iPad.

Moral of the story? If you can drum up enough support with a Facebook campaign and get enough people to complain, Apple will cave and even give you free stuff. Or you'll get to host Saturday Night Live.

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