Buying Cloud Accounting Software?

Accounting software can really change from time to time. Now, with cloud solutions popping up in abundance, the changes are everywhere. What are the key factors to consider? How should these new applications be sourced today?
Written by Brian Sommer, Contributor

I'm doing a webinar this Wednesday on The Top 6 Things You Didn't Know About Cloud Accounting Systems (But Should!).

I'll cover a number of buying considerations and trends that are being reflected in new buyer perspectives for financial accounting software.

I'm doing this because the software market is undergoing one of its periodic (and significant) changes. The underlying technology is different. The economics are different. The implementations are different and what IT people will do is changing.

I like the new changes but they do trigger a number of changes in how software is purchased, evaluated and more.

To that end, I did something I only do when software markets move materially. I created a new methodology or buyers guide. This one is for the cloud accounting software space.

Recently, I worked out a special arrangement with FinancialForce and they've agreed to give attendees a complimentary copy of this new 50-page Cloud Accounting Evaluation Guide. This publication that contains an 8-step methodology for selecting new financial accounting software. It also contains sections on due diligence, cloud risk factors, how the sales process for cloud software differs from on-premise software and more.  If you want a copy of this for free, sign-up for the webinar.

(Update 5/2/2012) - If you missed the webinar but would like the Evaluation Guide, follow this special link.

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