Buzz Aldrin's quest for a real spaceship

Buzz Aldrin's Huffington Post column this Thanksgiving Day urges we extend the Space Shuttle's life by five years and drop this silly notion of building new space capsules.
Written by John Dodge, Contributor

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin advocates extending the life of the Space Shuttle by five years in a back to future column yesterday in The Huffington Post. From there, commercial concerns would leverage Shuttle technology to build future runway land-able space vehicles.

He's highly critical of NASA's new old strategy of developing space capsules which are not reused and whose living conditions leave (no bathroom) much to be desired.

I met Aldrin in June at a 40th anniversary celebration for Apollo 11 at MIT. He's passionate about U.S. space leadership and thinks we are relinquishing it other nations anxious to prove their prowess in the heavens and stick it to the U.S. in the process. "In search of a real spaceship" is a fascinating read by one who's been there. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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