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Find out what Computer Associates' Business solution - Neugentsii can do for you.
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HONG KONG - Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), the world's leading eBusiness solutions provider, today announced Neugentsii, the complete solution for building real-time intelligent eBusiness applications.

Neugentsii empowers businesses to quickly build and deploy intelligent components, enabling applications that adjust, predict and respond to eBusiness needs in real-time. By monitoring business processes, discovering relationships, detecting patterns and learning the underlying principles that drive eBusiness, Neugentsii predicts the effect of change on future business results.

From dynamically personalizing a Web site to predicting market trends and business outcomes, Neugentsii-based solutions enable eBusinesses to capitalize on market opportunities and deliver unprecedented levels of service to their customers. Neugentsii help build intelligent applications that enhance and optimize all aspects of a business, whether it is B2B, B2C or traditional back-end processing.

"By embedding intelligence into new and existing applications, Neugentsii can help eBusiness instinctively identify new markets, spotlight new sources of revenue and intelligently automate business functions," said Carl Hartman, CA vice president, eBusiness management.

"Neugentsii not only recognize changing business conditions, but can also redict outcomes and suggest courses of action to avoid potential problems and capitalize on eBusiness opportunities."

An eCommerce site, for example, can use Neugentsii to learn the attributes and preferences of their best customers from past experience, and then combine that profile with current click-stream data to create a real-time sales opportunity by matching the right products with the right customers at the right time.

"Until now, eBusiness intelligence has been addressed primarily by first-generation rule-based customer/product matching schemes with limited effectiveness in today's rapidly changing market conditions," said Steve Garone, IDC program vice president. "Neugentsii represent a more sophisticated level of intelligence, where user-trained neural nets dynamically adapt to real-time customer needs for a far more personalized eBusiness experience."

Leveraging CA's patented neural network technology, Neugentsii enable eBusinesses to monitor inventory levels and sales figures to enhance effective business operations. Operating in real-time, Neugentsii provide dynamic content through information portals-offering new products and services, anticipating problems in the supply chain and suggesting possible courses of action.

CA clients throughout the world are deploying Neugents to address core business challenges, driving new sources of revenue and creating true competitive advantage. CA offers a full range of Neugentsii services, from business assessment to full implementation and deployment. CA's Express Discovery Service quickly delivers a fixed-price proof of concept for a Neugentsii.

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