CA M'sia adopts new branding strategy

Computer Associates today announced a new branding strategy to enhance the CA brand association with its core business in Malaysia.
Written by N. Ismail, Contributor
KUALA LUMPUR--Computer Associates today announced a new branding strategy to enhance the CA brand association with its core business, that is providing the full suite of e-business infrastructure, process and information management services to clients.

Computer Associates (M) Sdn Bhd country manager Kenny Tan Kok Keong said before the branding exercise, it was rather difficult for the market to identify Computer Associates product and service offerings.

"This is because we have everything CA can offer customers any of our 12,000 products at this point. Thus, to be more focussed in our offerings we have decided to focus on the three solution areas," he told t a media conference.

The three solutions area would focus on enterprise management provided by UniCentre, security by eTrust, storage by BrightStor, ebusiness transformation and integration, predictive analysis and visualisation, portal and knowledge management by Jasmine.

"These are the areas CA sees as having significant impact on eBusiness and being critical to the success of eBusiness," Tan said.

"From this branding exercise we hope potential clients will know the kind of services and products we offer and will be able to tell us which umbrella products they are interested in so that we can direct them to the right person," he added.

The CA infrastructure management entails managing the core infrastructure of extended enterpise to keep business up, running and secured. It also ensures customer, supplier, partner and employee connectivity.

CA provides optimal scalability, availability, reliability and performance by managing, systems, networks, security, storage and database and applications.

In information management, CA manages vital business information across extended enteprise, leveraging it for new opportunities.

The products also include eBusiness transformation and integration in terms of application development, life cycle management, total eBusiness integration of business processes, applications and data.

CA also offers eBusiness intelligence in its portal and knowledge management. They use artificial intelligence system to carry out predictive analysis and visualisation of specific industries.

In process management, CA helps clients manage businesses processes within and across extended enterprise in the value chain.

They provide horizontal and vertical partner solutions as well as end-to-end e-business integration.

The new branding strategy worldwide was announced by Computer Associates in July this year during the CAWorld eBusiness Conference and Exhibition in Orlando.

Its head office has set aside some US$100 million (RM380 million) to market and promote CA's new brand strategy which includes regionally targeted advertising on the broadcast and print media.

Tan said that in Malaysia, CA will continue to target industries such as telecommunications, oil and gas, banking as wels as the government sector.

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