CA savages IBM ebusiness arm

'But we've got better technology,' says Big Blue...
Written by Pia Heikkila, Contributor

'But we've got better technology,' says Big Blue...

Software giant Computer Associates (CA) has launched a scathing attack on rival IBM's ebusiness arm Tivoli. CA's head of Europe, Hayley Tabor, aimed a series of attacks at its archrival IBM, saying the company's ebusiness software unit Tivoli is 'falling apart'. She also accused IBM of not knowing how to make decent software, and recommended it should stick to hardware. Talking to silicon.com, Tabor rubbished IBM's technology and said the company's ebusiness arm is past its sell-by date. She said: "Tivoli has no user base, no technology, all of Tivoli seems to be falling apart. I don't think Tivoli's technology is robust enough to stand up for their customers. They lack flexibility, which any software company needs these days. We don't even consider them as a serious competitor any more." But IBM was quick to hit back at CA. Bob Marley, VP of performance and availability products at Tivoli, said IBM beats the competitors hands down if customers and industry analysts are to believed. Marley said: "We are superior to our competitors because we simply offer better technology. The likes of Dataquest and IDC have all placed us in number one position in all areas of business management technology, simply because we are the only company offering full service to our customers. We are not in a position to sling mud around, but our figures speak volumes." For related news see:
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