Caere sends forms software into cyberspace

Document management specialist Caere is targeting corporate intranets with the release of OmniForm Internet Publisher, a tool for converting paper forms to Web pages.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The full package (£600 + VAT) uses plug-ins for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer to produce a replica of a scanned-in paper form, which can include text, graphics and tables. The plug-ins attach to the browser tool bar and are available separately free from Caere's Web site.

The product uses a new, open HTML-like language called Open Form Markup Language (OFML) that maintains the look and feel of forms over the Net and supports Adobe Acrobat 3.0.

"Increased functionality plug-ins, probably with Java, are down the road," said Tim Callan, Caere's group product manager. "We want to see OmniForm doing automatic look-ups from a database and populating an OmniForm form."

Caere can be contacted by telephone on 0171-222 3200.

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