Calif: Diebold must submit source code to feds

California orders e-voting machine maker to submit source code to federal testers. The state won't certify without federal report.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

News.com's Anne Broach reports:

In a letter (click for PDF) sent Tuesday to the embattled Ohio-based company, Elections Chief Caren Daniels-Meade said "significant unresolved security concerns" exist with the memory cards used by Diebold's systems. She ordered the company to submit the source code of programs associated with those cards for "immediate evaluation" by federal independent testing authorities (ITA).

"Once we have received a report from the federal ITA adequately analyzing this source code, in addition to the technical and operational specifications relating to the memory card and interpreter, we will expeditiously proceed with our comprehensive review of your application," Daniels-Meade wrote.

"We are at a critical crossroads for voting system technology," California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson said in a statement. "Therefore, we must take every available step to ensure the security and integrity of every vote cast in this new electronic age."


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