California Dreamin'... or fantasizing?

Can California be dominant in green tech?
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Can California once more emerge as the global tech center? A recent NPR program explored the challenges and promises of greentech California style. Amid further state budget problems, California's governor is counting on greentech to help revive the once Golden State's economy. Just this week an electric truck and bus company opened its new headuqarters in Stockton. Here is EVI's website. The company said it moved to California because that's where they expect most adoption of the electric vehicle tecnology.

The new California gold rush, as it is being characterized, will inevitabley arouse oppisition. What will huge solar farms or wind farms do to land use and wildlife?

Of course from the invention of the transistor through the Apple Mac to the iPOd, Calfironia was where it happened first. Then there was the Internet, from Netscape, Yahoo and Excite to Google and on to YouTube, California has constantly been a center for reinventing technology. Can you imagine Cisco, Oracle or Pixar located anywhere but California?

But this time around every nation on earth is looking for the next generaton of energy and green tech. Governments are watching and investing. The Internet grew out of a DARPA project but once it went public there was little government aid or interference. That will not be true with anything important in the energy sector, anything involving the electricity grid, transportation or even massive water systems. Everybody's playing for keeps this time. [poll id="196"]

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