Calling all teachers! Contribute to the Classroom 2.0 Book Project!

Since I didn't have enough on my plate , I agreed to edit the Classroom 2.0 Book with Steve Hargadon (the Classroom 2.
Written by Christopher Dawson, Contributor

Since I didn't have enough on my plate , I agreed to edit the Classroom 2.0 Book with Steve Hargadon (the Classroom 2.0 guy, among other things) and Richard Byrne of FreeTech4Teachers fame. Although my wife thinks I'm insane for hopping onboard with another project, I'm thrilled to be part of this teacher-driven collection of stories and best practices around the use of technology in the classroom.

I've been talking a lot lately about the "thin veneer of technology" that we apply to the same tired approaches to teaching, which we then label as suitable for the 21st Century. As we've begun receiving submissions for the book, however, I've had the chance to read about teachers who are doing much more than just layering on a bit of tech. Rather, these teachers are taking completely new approaches and fundamentally changing their practices to ensure that students are not only fully engaged but are walking away with skills and tools that will serve them well in the years to come.

But while I've read some great stories from educators, I'd like to read a lot more. The best of the submissions (and those that fit thematically as we weave the book together) will make it into the book celebrating the 5th anniversary of Classroom 2.0. The remaining submissions will be considered for future volumes but will also be posted in a collection on Scribd, allowing educators to benefit from a wide variety of experiences and perspectives.

Are you doing something amazing with technology in your classroom? Or, better yet, is technology just a natural part of what you do, integrated in ways that make your colleagues stand up and take notice? We're looking for stories of less that 2500 words that exemplify best practices in a technology-rich classroom. Check out the details and submission form here and send us your story. I'm happy to help with editing, direction, and focus and will even review proposals and outlines before you dig too far into your 2500 words.

We want to hear from you...but you only have until March 15th to submit your story and be considered for inclusion in the book.

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