Canadian organization enables peer-to-peer carbon comparisons

Canadian industry group National Quality Institute and developer/advocacy group Zerofootprint creates carbon benchmarking tool for members.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

OK, probably not peer-to-peer in the sense that many techies have come to understand the term. But peer-to-peer in the sense that you can compare your results against businesses or organizations that are like yours. But only if you're a Canadian company, I'm afraid.

The new National Quality Institute (NQI)/Zerofootprint Carbon Index is meant for use by members of the non-profit Canadian industry group NQI. It captures data related to common business activities and then converts it into total carbon output, carbon per square foot and carbon per employee. Members can view certain analysis anonymously to see where their results stand among similar companies. You can find out more about the tool at the main NQI Web site.

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