Canonical: Help us build the apps for our Ubuntu smartphone

Canonical is looking to the community to help build apps for its new Ubuntu smartphone OS.
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor

Canonical is looking to its community of developers to help make the core apps for its upcoming Ubuntu smartphone platform.

Ubuntu OS
Canonical is looking for developers to develop apps for its Ubuntu mobile OS.

The organisation posted a notification on the Ubuntu Wiki on Tuesday calling for help for the Core Apps project.

"As part of the phone platform we are inviting our community to participate in building the core set of apps that will ship with the phone. This provides a fantastic opportunity to create software that could run on millions of handsets," Canonical said on its website.

Suggestions for apps that the organisation wants help with include basics such as a calendar, clock, weather, and calculator app, but also include more ambitious suggestions such as a file manager, RSS reader, document viewer, and social-networking integration such as YouTube and Facebook.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, announced the organisation's plans to use the same Linux core for its smartphone platform as its desktop and potential future tablets at the beginning of January.

While Shuttleworth envisages the OS appealing to handset makers at both ends of the market--emerging markets and "superphones"--the first handset to hit the market using the platform is not expected before 2014.

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