Can't find the 'work from home' equipment you need on Amazon? Try this

A lot of people have found themselves working from home over the past few weeks, and some are finding it hard to find the equipment they need from Amazon.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has turned millions of people's homes into makeshift offices. But equipping those do-it-yourself offices is getting harder as the days go one.


Well, according to a lot of you who have been in touch with me, Amazon is not only running low on things like cheap laptops and webcams, but delivery estimates are also extending. This is putting pressure on those scrabbling to put together a workspace.

If this is you, here's a tip -- bypass Amazon and go direct to the maker.

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If you're looking for peripherals such as mice, keyboards, speakers, and webcams, you could take a look at manufactures such as Logitech or Microsoft. Both companies make quality products and sell direct.

For hubs, docks, cables and the like, Anker has a good line of products, as does Satechi and Zendure.

As for big things like laptops and desktops, all of the big names have online stores teeming with stuff you can buy (usually PC makers aren't all that cheap when it comes to third-party accessories).

And then there's Apple. Retail stores might be closed, but its online store is ready, willing, and able to take your money in exchange for shiny things.

If you use Amazon a lot, it's easy to forget that there are other ways to buy things. But there are, and if you shop around there are some good deals, especially for first-time customers.

Who are your favorite online retailers for office gear and tech? Let me know below!

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