Carnival of the Mobilists #44

The Carnival online newsletter brings together a huge collection of mobile related technology posts for all to enjoy. Check out the latest issue and you may find some new sites you haven't visited before.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I have been so busy I forgot to submit blog entries for consideration by the Carnival of Mobilists hosts the last couple of weeks, but still wanted to point you to the recent release of Carnival of the Mobilists #44. There are lots of great carnival photos as well as links to many great articles on mobile technology. I linked to Michael Mace's excellent article on how Europeans and Americans differ in their perspective of mobile phones and David, this week's Carnival host, selected Michael's post as the selection of the week. Other interesting articles include talk about phone features most of us have that we never use and features we do have that no one needs, detailed coverage of the Nokia N91, and much more. Check our Carnival of the Mobilists #44 and visit all the links to find some great blogs.

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