Carrier IQ 'not used' by major UK mobile networks

Mobile networks in the UK have been quick to deny that the phones they sell, to the best of their knowledge; do not contain the mobile tracking Carrier IQ software.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

While many U.S. networks use the controversial mobile tracking and network diagnostic software on its handheld devices, a number of UK network have all issued statements to deny that they use the software.

Carrier IQ issued a revised statement yesterday afternoon to point the finger at not only the U.S. carriers for using the service it provides, but the unwitting customers for accepting the terms and conditions set out by the mobile networks.

Last week, a researcher discovered that the tracking software records keystrokes, and even transactions made on mobile websites. Though the company denies that it uses the vast majority of this data, the fact that it still happens has worried many, and angered even more.

Carrier IQ said that it has installed the "mobile intelligence" solution on over 140 million handsets worldwide, according to the Guardian, though it is unclear how far this extends to European mobile networks.

O2 said that it "doesn't collect" any information via Carrier IQ,

Orange and Vodafone also confirmed that they do not use the software, and to the best of its knowledge did not sell phones with the tracking software installed.

T-Mobile UK confirmed in a tweet to a customer: "Carrier IQ software is not and has not been installed on any T-Mobile phones".

Three said that its phones do not contain the mobile tracking software, and that the network does not use the software for network diagnostics.

While Vodafone Portugal said that it had used the software in devices on its network, it ceased the trial in 2009 and no longer collects mobile information.

Though other networks exist in the UK, many are owned by one of the aforementioned parent companies. It is unlikely that any other mobile network subsidiary uses the technology either.


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