Cars: the next wave of Japanese electrics

Wave of new electric and hyrbids coming from Japanese carmakers.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

The pending Tokyo Auto Show is going to be awash in new hybrids and plug-ins from the hometown team.

Toyota currently has the lead model among hybrids, the Prius. The company will be showing off its next concept car, the all electric EV-II

Suzuki has two new models they will showcase: Swift plug-in hybrid and an SX4 FCV (fuel cell vehicle). Here's alook at both cars.

Mitsubishi has a plug-in hybrid called the PX - MiEV.

Nissan will debut its Leaf in Tokyo. Leaf, green, get it? The car will possibly be seen in the U.S. next year. The first Infiniti hybrid in the U.S., the M35 hybrid, will make its appearance with a 2012 model. It'll debut in Tokyo as the Fuga Hybrid.

General Motors Though the U.S. has fewer carmakers now than Japan, there are still some cars coming from Detroit. The GM Volt is to launch next year. The folks up in shrinking Flint, Michigan, are happy to be making parts for the Volt and GM's tiny Cruz. The first generation of Volt engines will be imported from Austria. GM says it plans to make ten thousand Volts in the first year of production. A hometown auto critic saw a recent pre-production Volt and was impressed by design. That car now is at the GM proving grounds.

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