CA's Linux suite to be used on IBM's S/390

CA to provide only comprehensive, native management solution - enablingLinux users to harness the power of the Enterprise Server environment.
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NEW YORK - Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), an eBusiness solutions provider, today announced a comprehensive suite of eBusiness management software for Linux on S/390 as part of a collaborative effort with IBM to promote Linux on S/390 enterprise servers. The CA suite represents the only comprehensive, native enterprise-wide eBusiness management solution suite for Linux on S/390.

As Linux continues to become more prevalent throughout the corporate environment, this partnership demonstrates CA's commitment to meeting the independent mission-critical needs of its clients. "The CA Linux for S/390 initiative will help our clients realize the benefits of new workloads on S/390, including enhanced integration of eBusiness with traditional applications and data," said Ken Fitzpatrick, CA's general manager of marketing.

The initial CA solution suite for Linux for S/390 is fully compatible with CA's eBusiness management offerings for Linux on distributed platforms and includes:

  • Unicenter TNG Agents and Framework: CA's flagship product modules for Linux enterprise management on S/390
  • MasterIT: Monitors and manages Web servers on Big Iron Linux
  • Ingres II: Multi-platform relational Linux database with access to legacy data on S/390
  • ARCserve: Automates storage management for Linux on S/390
  • eTrust: Provides security solutions (policy-based control, antivirus and VPN) for Big Iron Linux
The CA-IBM initiative enables S/390 clients to run thousands of Linux-based applications on their mainframe hardware more efficiently while taking advantage of new pricing that corresponds to costs for similar workloads on other platforms.

In addition, the CA Linux for S/390 solutions provide clients access to huge amounts of applications, enabling them to consolidate many Linux-based servers into a single system while reducing the application footprint and increasing throughput.

Teknor Apex CIO, Tony Frateschi points out that Linux for S/390 provides an exciting opportunity to expand the integration of our eBusiness and back-end applications while taking advantage of the speed, scalability and availability that S/390 provides.
"Traditional mainframe software pricing models make it cost prohibitive for some corporations to leverage excess mainframe capacity into newer, Web-based applications," said Tracy Corpo, Hurwitz Group, senior analyst.

"CA is working with IBM to break through that barrier and enable large IT organizations to tap into the best of both worlds by porting some of CA's most popular applications over to Linux for the S/390. This also raises the bar for where Linux can play in the corporate environment."

The CA Linux for S/390 software solutions will be available throughout Q3 and Q4. Attractive, customer-centric pricing for the CA solutions will be announced when the products are released for GA. In addition, CA will offer a full range of complementary consultation services to support its Linux Suite.

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