CEA study finds there are six types of digital photographers

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) says that there are six categories of digital photographers in the consumer market today. Where do you fall?
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

A new study conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) found that there are six categories of digital photographers in the consumer market today.

The six segments are:

  • Frustrated Photogs (25 percent of the market)
  • Digital Curators (23 percent)
  • One-Click Wonders (15 percent)
  • Feature-Focused Photogs (16 percent)
  • Picture Happy Socialites (10 percent)
  • Digital Mavericks (10 percent)

Focusing only on those who have used a digital imaging device with still photo capabilities in the last year, CEA said that the "standalone digital camera" is the predominant device owned by digital photographers with 83 percent owning a point and shoot digital camera and 13 percent owning an SLR. Along with that, 83 percent of digital photographers also own a cell phone and 27 percent own a smartphone.

As for the consumer categories, only one percent of digital photographers were reported to consider themselves as "professionals or experts," while the majority (63 percent) were said to consider themselves as "average users."

Personally, I like the title of "digital maverick," but I'm quite often frustrated when I don't get the photo I want. No one is perfect, and every photographer needs practice. And I can never leave home without a camera of some sort (even if its just on my phone).

The study was conducted this past September. The complete work is available free to CEA member companies. If you're not a member and you're really dying to know the specifics of the study, you can purchase it in-full online at myCEA.CE.org for $999.

Do you think that these six segments accurately separate and define digital photographers? Do you think there are any categories missing? Which one are you?

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