CeBIT 2000: Artcards from Agfa

Personalised greeting cards are just the beginning for Agfa on the Net
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Agfa is starting a new e-commerce service: Artcards. The idea was put forward to the imaging company by young artists. Customers can complete an A5 greeting card on the Web using their own photos, which they digitise and upload from home. Agfa's contract partner then prints the complete work of art and sends it by post.

The service is to start off on Agfaweb, with themes such as moving house, weddings, birthdays and parties. A card will cost a minimum of £1 plus postage and packing, and you have to order a minimum of 15 cards. One week after the transaction (at the latest), the card should arrive.

"This is for us, of course, just a trial, in order to establish a new line of production," said manager Michael Hauschild. With such Web services, Agfa is trying to catch up with successful competitors such as Kodak.

For those who don't yet have the capability to digitise their own photos, Agfa is also launching a whole new range of scanners and digital cameras. Of particular interest is the ePhoto CL 30 click!, which features an integrated 40MB Iomega Clik drive. It will be available for DM1200 (£327). The CL 18, however, is as small as a computer mouse and can also be used as a webcam. It is priced at DM400 (£125).

Translation by Sophie Handrick.

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