CeBIT 2000: Yopy is first Linux PDA

Samsung's Yopy offers a browser, MP3 player and Compact Flash all in one little box
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Long after the rumours broke out, Korean electronics giant Samsung has launched its Yopy PDA, which the company says is the first Linux PDA.

The device, which has no wireless capability, uses an ARM processor and features a 4-inch colour LCD screen, embedded HTML browser, MP3 player and Compact Flash slot. According to a company spokesman, future versions will feature a range of add-on devices, including a TV tuner, GPS module, wireless GSM modem and digital camera that will attach to the unit via its Flash slot. Click here for images.

Samsung is also planning Bluetooth and voice recognition integration in future iterations.

This is the first in a new range of PDA devices from Samsung, all of which will be based on Linux. Samsung believes that the open source approach is vital for the device to attract developers to write applications for consumers. "With Linux, anyone can write applications for you," said the spokesman, "This is the advantage against the proprietary route of Windows CE -- Linux is freely available to anyone."

The spokesman admitted that cost was a significant factor, with a lack of royalties meaning more resources are free to put into developing the device.

The Yopy is expected to retail for between $400 to $600 (£250 to about £370).

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