CeBIT: Breezecom aims for IP services

Having established a name for itself with 802.11 compatible wireless LANs, Breezecom is moving into the wireless local loop (WLL) arena with its BreezeAccess product.
Written by Tony Dennis, Contributor

The company intends to provide a full range of wireless IP based services which can replace standard consumer technologies such as ISDN, ADSL and standard analogue modem connections and then provide traditional voice telephony too. Breezecom hopes the product, launched at CeBIT, will appeal to independent ISPs who are struggling to differentiate themselves.

The system would theoretically require no formal approval since it can operate at the same 2.4 GHz frequencises used by other technologies like Blueetooth and wireless Ethernet.

At the show, Breezecom demonstrated how you can make an ordinary telephone call via its system with a standard telephone handset plugged into a Breezeaccess wireless transmitter\reciever which then connects via a 10BaseT Ethernet port into a switchboard (PABX) and then into the public network.

The attraction is that the voice call is made using established H.323 protocols combined with Breezecom's proprietary voice compression technology. The whole system is designed to provide up to eighteen individual subscribers with 3 Mbit\s data connections for Internet access or whatever.

However, Breezecom has calculated that the system can support anywhere between 240 and 720 voice calls within a range of 5 to 15 Km. Brian Bortz, product manager with Breezecom revealed that BreezeAccess is already on trial in the UK with Tele2. Besides alternative telecomms providers, and independent ISPs, BreezeAccess could well appeal to corporates as a means of providing a private voice\data network.

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