CES 2007 coverage will be diverse and comprehensive

CES 2007 will be covered by mainstream press, bloggers, and the casual attendee this year as people hit the show floor with video cameras, cameraphones, microphones. With something like 140,000+ people hitting the streets of Vegas this week stay tuned for instant coverage and an information overload.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I have been a writer and product reviewer for Geek.com for over 5 years and again this year they are helping offset the cost of CES so I will be providing lots of coverage with plans to live photo blog lots of what I see with a Nokia N93 in hand. I'll be focusing primarily on mobile devices, but will also be on the lookout for other cool consumer technology to report on at Geek.com. I'll post here on the Mobile Gadgeteer blog when I find mobile gear that relates more to the enterprise and helps you Work where you want to be.

CES 2007
In thinking more about the type of websites I read everyday to get my news, especially as it relates to the tech world, I completely agree with Andy Abramson's latest blog entry on Creative Video Blogging and The New "Instant Journalism". I think you will see a ton of news generated by bloggers this year at CES and I noticed this year during the registration process that there is even a blogger category for press. The mainstream press will be reporting as usual, but I know for product reviews most of the mainstream press seems to reiterate press releases without telling us their thoughts or experiences with the product or technology. I want to hear what a real person thinks about a product in reviews and for news I like to see a bit more than just the press release. In particular, how does this product or service impact my life? Will it have a positive influence and make my life better or will it just consume my precious little free time without any real value added? If you can't make it to CES this year, I think you can stay almost as busy reading all the blog coverage as we will be covering miles and miles of the show floor.
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