CES 2012: Wrap up video

Even though CES 2012 was an "extension year" without huge blockbuster innovations, there were still a few bright spots.
Written by Michael Krigsman, Contributor

Now that the huge Consumer Electronics Show is over, it's time to review the most important new products and announcements. In a departure from my usual IT Project failures fare, I spoke with Canada's Sun News Network about CES 2012 highlights.

Here's that video report: Although not actually in Las Vegas, I followed certain announcements carefully. In response to a question about innovation, I referred to this show as being an "extension year" rather than a blockbuster hit: the products displayed enhance existing ideas but did not introduce new categories that will change our world.

Mirrorless cameras were one area of genuine interest. Manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, and others discussed existing products and plans for cameras that combine high-quality image sensors into small bodies. Unlike traditional digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, these new designs use an electronic viewer finder instead of a large prism and mirror to display the subject when taking a photo. This technology enables the manufacturers to reduce the size and weight of cameras and lenses by a substantial amount.

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For serious photographers, the important innovation is using a large sensor inside these mirrorless designs and building high quality interchangeable lenses. Although cell phones and ordinary point-and-shoot cameras are also mirrorless, the sensors are small and the lenses are fixed. The new cameras will likely disrupt the DSLR market during the new few years.

This was Microsoft's last year as a CES headliner. When asked whether Microsoft's departure is significant, I responded, "Eh, is Microsoft still relevant." What do you think?

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