CES 2013: What happened on Sunday

This year's Consumer Electronics Show doesn't officially begin until Tuesday, but let's be honest: the party's already underway. Which means so is the news cycle.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor


LAS VEGAS -- The thing they don't tell you about the International Consumer Electronics Show is that it's massively front-loaded with news. What ends as a lovely, almost relaxing tradeshow begins as a balls-to-the-wall burst of products, platforms and proclamations.

We wouldn't have it any other way, of course. But that means the news starts coming down the pike long before you have your Monday morning coffee.



To get your week started right, here's what you missed over the weekend:

Plus, Lenovo decided to reorganize its PC business to compete directly with Apple. Fun!

As a reminder, we at ZDNet have several people covering CES from the ground, including Rachel King, Kevin Kwang and myself. For every little crumb of product news, head over to our sister site CNET, which will have ongoing coverage through the entire show. For posts that help you put the puzzle pieces together, stay right here on ZDNet. Tomorrow: Press Day.

Photos: Josh Miller

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