LG Breeze earbuds promise to sync you to sleep

Using what LG described at CES 2023 as real-time brain wave sensing technology, its Breeze earbuds innovate in search of a better night's sleep.
Written by Christina Darby, Associate Editor
Young woman sleeping on her side with the LG Breeze earbuds in

A sleep-aid tech revolution seemed to awaken in 2022 that looks like it's here to stay in 2023. LG Electronics threw its hat into the sleep-tech ring on Monday ahead of CES 2023 with its smart Breeze earbuds. 

Developed in a partnership with SleepWave Company, the in-ear wireless earphones are designed to help people track and improve their sleep patterns by employing what the company describes as brain wave-sensing technology. 

Using built-in sensors, the company says, the 6-gram headphones track your brain waves throughout the night. This monitoring is said to more accurately determine how much time you spent in each sleep phase (REM, light, and deep sleep) and even to assist you in falling asleep by playing specific sounds in response to your brain wave activity.

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The earbuds have 80 built-in sounds such as lullabies and peaceful nature noises. In addition, it's said to be possible to sync the Breeze with YouTube videos and tracks.

An associated app offers to show users their sleep data, sleep pattern analysis, and custom recommendations through an associated app. The app is supposed to also track daily steps, sleeping posture and position, when you tossed and turned throughout the night, and even tell you your "record" sleeping time. 

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Information is currently limited, but the earphones' design appears to be in-ear and they are described as having an ergonomic fit meant for sleep. 

LG Breeze headphones in white and gray floating above the case

In addition to their sleep-aid aspect, the Breeze earphones are also expected to come in an LED ultraviolet case to help kill germs and keep the earbuds clean.

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Release date and further information should become available after the full unveiling at CES on Jan. 5, so stay tuned. 

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