Charge anywhere: iPhone case designed with built-in plug

A Kickstarter campaign is home to this ingenious new iPhone case: a wall plug and hardware are all built-in.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

Smartphone owners everywhere know the feeling-- be it dismay, confusion, abandonment or insecurity-- when their phone runs out of battery.

Many people have tried to solve this problem, and extra battery packs-plus-cases are the most common way to avoid helplessly wandering around sans phone. No one, however, has added a wall charger.

JuiceTank, a combination case and wall charger, can be plugged in wherever you may find an outlet, no cord needed. The case was designed by Lloyd Gladstone and Jesse Pliner, whose slim case holds not just an iPhone, but all of the necessary equipment to charge it.

It stays thin with an ingenious design: the two prongs of the plug split and fold into the case.

Durable too, the case will be (they are over $32,000 into a $125,000 needed on Kickstarter) made out of a high grade polycarbonate. JuiceTank has until mid-May to meet its goal, and the first 400 backers will get a new case for $40. Assuming the goal is met, a full-price JuiceTank will cost at least $70.

This price tag could potentially be too steep for some to spend on a case, but they may be on to something here-- the plummeting battery life is one of the biggest complaints from iPhone owners, and most people don't want, or remember, to bring their cord along with them.

[Kickstarter via Gizmodo]
Images: JuiceTank

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