Charles' site avoids Diana details

In anticipation of his birthday this coming Saturday, Prince Charles launched his own web site, with little mention of Diana.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

The Prince of Wales Web page is the latest in a run of PR exercises, this time intending to highlight the work the Prince accomplishes in his stately role.

However, viewers will not be seeing news of his broken marriage or, indeed, much mention of Diana at all. The subject of the late Princess of Wales has largely been avoided in the compilation of the web site, said to be the personal brainchild of the Prince.

Even in the Prince's biography -- where chapters about his career, his children, and his charity work go into further detail -- a single link for Lady Diana Spencer bounces the reader away into the generic British Monarchy site.

A spokesman for the Prince The Daily Telegraph that the site was "about him and various phases of his... There is quite a large section in the overview of the Prince's life, of course, and of the three pictures in the overview, one is of the wedding."

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