ChatGPT Enterprise vs. ChatGPT Team: Which is the best for your business?

OpenAI recently released another business option - ChatGPT Team. Even though it may seem similar to ChatGPT Enterprise, there are some major differences.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
ChatGPT Enterprise vs ChatGPT TV
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The standard version of ChatGPT has proven to be a very capable tool with the ability to do tasks such as coding, writing, and explaining complex topics. 

Naturally, companies wanted to leverage the technology for their own use cases to optimize their business operations. As a result, OpenAI introduced two options for businesses: ChatGPT Enterprise and ChatGPT Team. 

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ChatGPT for Enterprise launched in August 2023, nine months after the initial launch of ChatGPT. The model offered businesses enterprise-grade security and additional features tailored for business use cases. 

In January 2024, OpenAI added yet another model for businesses that boasts the same security protocols with additional nuances. To help you decide between the two, we highlighted the differences below. 

You should use ChatGPT Enterprise if...

ChatGPT for Enterprise
ChatGPT for Enterprise

1. Your team has a minimum of 150 people 

The biggest difference between both models is that ChatGPT Enterprise is geared towards larger-scale deployment and, as a result, has a minimum seat cap of 150 people. This means that to take advantage of this plan, your company has to be large enough to have at least 150 employees, disqualifying smaller businesses and teams. 

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However, if your team happens to be on the smaller side, lucky for you. OpenAI recently added the ChatGPT Team plan. With this plan, the minimum is only two users. It is easy to enroll and costs a flat fee of $25 per user per month. 

2. You want the best OpenAI has to offer 

ChatGPT Enterprise offers access to the most advanced features and models, as well as the greatest model quality. With ChatGPT Team, you can already access advanced features such as GPT-4 with vision, voice input and output, the ability to create and share GPTs, image generation, and browsing. 

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However, with ChatGPT Enterprise, users also have unlimited access to Advanced Data Analysis, the fastest response rate out of all models, and a context window that is four times bigger. This plan also offers the best customer service that OpenAI has to offer, including priority support, dedicated onboarding, ongoing account management, and customer security review. 

3. You need the best administration tools 

Since ChatGPT Enterprise is meant for implementation in larger organizations, OpenAI has a series of administration features that ChatGPT Team lacks, including sharing controls, Workspace GPT Controls, and an analytics dashboard. All of these features combined help you better understand and control how your employees are interacting with ChatGPT. 

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In addition, ChatGPT for Enterprise offers two security offerings that ChatGPT does not: SAML SSO and domain verification. From an administration standpoint, those security features give you less to worry about in terms of company safety, and they allow you to further limit risks on the team. 

You should use ChatGPT Team if...

ChatGPT for Teams
Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

1. You want a self-serve package 

ChatGPT Team has a simple onboarding process. Instead of contacting a sales team the way you would with ChatGPT Enterprise and getting a custom rate, with ChatGPT Team, all you have to do is select it from the "upgrade plan" tab and checkout.

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 The process is nearly the same as upgrading to ChatGPT Plus. Because it is self-serve, the price of $25 per person per month is set.

2. You don't need all of the extra bells and whistles 

Even though ChatGPT Team is offered as a service for businesses, if you have a family, club, or any team of people who could benefit from the technology, you could use it for that purpose, too. Having said that, many of those groups won't have a need for all of the extra offerings the Enterprise plan offers, such as unlimited access to OpenAI's most advanced models or priority customer service support. In that case, this plan is the best fit. 

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