China, India lead global interest in IoT deployment

Some 75 percent of businesses in the two Asian markets already are tapping or have plans to implement Internet of Things, with another 20 percent expressing interest in doing so.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

As global chatter grows around the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses in India and China already are taking the plunge or planning to adopt the emerging technology.

In fact, businesses in the two Asian markets led their global peers, with 75 percent already tapping or had plans to deploy IoT applications and another 20 percent expressing interesting in doing likewise. In comparison, 52 percent of respondents in Latin America had deployed or were planning to deploy IoT, while 32 percent were keen to do so, revealed a Forrester study.

Among European markets included in the report, 42 percent had implemented or were planning to implement IoT, while 33 percent were interested to do so. The online survey polled 3,627 business and IT decision makers in several markets including China, India, Australia/New Zealand, Germany and the UK.

With customer relationships increasingly digital, organisations across all industry segments were looking to transform their business to support this trend, said Forrester analysts Michele Pelino and Frank E. Gillett, who wrote the report.

"IoT solutions help companies bridge the physical and digital worlds, ingesting information and context through sensors from the physical world into the digital, and taking actions in the physical world via actuators based on digital insights," they penned.

Across the globe, 19 percent said they were already using IoT products and services, while 31 percent expressed interest in doing so.

According to Forrester, grocery chain Kroger was tapping sensors and IoT to gain deeper visibility into retail store inventory and operations, while Lufthansa Airlines used its weather data sensors to improve its time management and optimise operations.

The study revealed highest levels of deployment and planned deployment among businesses in the utilities and telecom, chemicals and oil/gas, as well as transportation. Common deployments of IoT involved security and surveillance, supply chain management, inventory and warehouse management, and customer order monitoring.

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