China Mobile

Established in 2000, China Mobile has grown to become the world's largest mobile phone operator in terms of the number of subscribers it serves.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

China Mobile is the No. 1 mobile phone operator in China and the world's largest mobile phone operator, by the number of subscribers.

Headquartered in China, it was officially established in 2000. The Chinese giant has a staff headcount of 127,959 people who serve 436.12 million subscribers around the world.

China Mobile's business portfolio includes services in mobile voice, Internet access, data, IP telephony and multimedia. It operates under the "GoTone", "M-zone" and "Easyown" brands in Mainland China, the "Peoples" brand in Hong Kong and "ZoNG" in Pakistan.

China Mobile is said to be in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to China, and the Chinese mobile operator is rumored to be asking Apple to build a modified verson of the iPhone so as to prevent iPhone users from defecting to other networks until its own 3G network is available.

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