Chrome for Windows to get battery performance boost

Google responds to Microsoft criticism that Chrome is a battery hog by introducing new power consumption enhancements.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Back in June, Microsoft hit out against Google by publishing test results which claimed that its Edge browser had the edge over Chrome when it came to power-saving on portable systems. Google has now responded by introducing new power consumption enhancements to the Windows version of its browser.

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According to Google, the Chrome 53 release contains numerous CPU and GPU power consumption enhancements for video playback, along with other "big" performance and power improvements.

Google hasn't as yet published any test results to back up these claims, and I'm not expecting that Chrome will have closed the gap with Edge in one leap, but it's good that Google is addressing these issues.

Along with battery life improvements, Google has made what it calls "material design" changes to Chrome, in the form of tweaking the user interface.

Now if only Google would improve the battery life of Chrome on the Mac.

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