Cingular may get an HTC Hermes model

The HTC Hermes is the code name for the current most exciting Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition device and rumors show that it may be coming to Cingular before the end of 2006.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I have been testing the latest and greatest Pocket PC Phone Edition, the HTC TyTN, for the last few days and will be posting an image gallery and review up here soon to show you all the great details on this device. Engadget Mobile was given a tip that this device, code-named HTC Hermes, may be coming to Cingular as the 8525. I can't purchase this model for US$700 as I am doing major yard renovation right now, but this news of the device coming directly to US carriers is great as the subsidized price should be a couple hundred less. The renderings do show one feature missing on the Cingular model, the front facing VGA camera used for video calling. The major difference this device has over the current 8125 is the new support for 3G networks. There are also a few other cool new features that I'll mention in my review. Now, I just need T-Mobile to pick up the HTC Hermes as the MDA II or something so I can pick one up myself.

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