CIO and IT leaders: YOU hold the burden of proof...

Disconnects between IT and business leaders are an accepted part of corporate life. Solving this problem lies first with the CIO.
Written by Michael Krigsman, Contributor

Over the last year, I have written extensively about the "growing dissatisfaction" that business leaders have with IT performance. Data supports the view that business people question the helpfulness and relevance of IT. It's a serious, ongoing problem with new research from CIO Magazine showing that more than half of business groups view IT as an "obstacle to their mission."

CIO Magazine business perceptions of IT

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Data from Forrester Research also supports the argument that business groups believe IT is disconnected from other parts of the organization. In research from 2013, Forrester says, "A chasm exists in communicating strategic priorities between marketing and IT."

More recently, in late 2014, the company released an infographic summarizing the CIO / CMO relationship. The research (shown in the bottom half of the graphic below) concludes under half of marketing managers surveyed collaborate with IT when developing their technology strategy.

Although Forrester claims that mutual respect between CIOs and CMOs is growing, the data on these groups having "mutual trust" is dismal. After all, over a third of each side disagree with the trust premise.

Forrester Research - CIO - CMO trust relationships

For CIOs, the message is clear: the burden of responsibility is on you to fix the problem. Other parts of the business will never change their perception of IT unless you take action first.

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