CIOs indicate that Cloud Computing is on their minds

Cloud computing, like any other area of IT, needs a good plan.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Bob Evans over at InformationWeek published an interesting article on conversations he had with over 40 CIOs. It appears that Cloud Computing was on their mind. You may find that article interesting as well. Discussions I've had with CEOs and other C-level executives turned up similar interest and concerns.

As with any other approach or technology in the world of information technology, cloud computing has its place in many organizations' IT strategy. It is really important to wade through all of the hype that is currently visible in suppliers marketing messages, however. This approach has its strengths and weaknesses. It is not the right approach for every organization, every application all of the time.

As in other areas of computing, I suggest that organizations really have a firm handle on what they need to accomplish before exploring the "how" of accomplishing those things.  Many of the IT failures that have come to my attention have been the result of the "ready, shoot, aim" school of IT strategic planning. When an organization bases its whole plan on a single supplier or a single product, I know that they're setting themselves up for a very interesting and painful set of experiences.

It is far better to base plans on what needs to be accomplished, what assets an organization has (both in terms of facilities, staff and staff capabilities) and an open, well considered architecture that will both address today's needs and foreseeable future requirements. This way the organization will be able to take advantage of technological advances regardless of what any single vendor chooses to offer.

Thanks, Bob, for an interesting article.

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