CIOs losing faith in e-government

CIOs face many challenges in 2006, as support for e-government falls and natural disasters are likely to impact technology departments.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

A survey of federal CIOs finds plummeting support for e-government programs.  The Association for Federal Information Resource Management (AFFIRM) issued their annual Top 10 Challenges survey (click here for Word doc), which found that only 15% of executives termed the programs successess, compared to 44 percent a year ago. e-government programs fell from issued a new report on CIO's confidence in the current adminstration's programs citing gaps in management planning and control.

Washington Technology reported on the survey's other findings: "CIOs ranked Internet, intranet and Web applications as their leading critical technology area, while security infrastructure came in second, wireless technology third, identity management ranked fourth and service-oriented architecture appeared on the list for the first time as the fifth-ranked technology."

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