Cisco adds analytics services to its intent-based networking efforts

The company launched three new services that use models to proactively address issues in the network and data center.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Cisco added analytics tools for its networking portfolio including algorithms monitoring data center health, campus and branch Internet of things intelligence and software that monitors relationships between applications.

The additions, outlined at Cisco Live EMEA, build out Cisco's Intent-based Networking Portfolio. The idea is to create a network that can adapt and evolve on various fronts.

David Goeckeler, general manager of Cisco's networking and security business, said the additions highlight how the company is adding intelligence and agility throughout its portfolio.

"Many have been using those terms AI and machine learning, but not using assurance. It's about how to take business policy and translate it to what you need the network to do. How do you verify the network is doing what you want it to do?"

The rollout also means that Cisco is becoming more software-based and giving customers the ability to visualize the network, find dependencies and troubleshoot faster. Goeckeler said the network is starting to streamline telemetry data from end-to-end via an application that can run on a virtual machine.

Nicholas Yurkovich, chief network engineer at ScotiaBank, said he has been using the intent-based networking and analytics team to ensure better uptime and troubleshooting for its wireless network and the connection to the data center and applications.

ScotiaBank and VECOZO were cited as trial customers and both said the primary returns are being able to save time troubleshooting issues.


Cisco outlined three analytics services:

  • The Network Assurance Engine. The engine continually verifies network health and uses models to pinpoint issues with the network. These models are based on 30 years of network operations data. When an issue is detected, Cisco predicts the impact of changes by the IT team, proactively address network outages and assure compliance to security processes. Cisco's ACI and Tetration connect to the Network Assurance engine to link network and application monitoring.
  • DNA Center Assurance, which is a service that connects users and application behavior to make predictions. DNA Center Assurance provides problem isolation so IT teams can find a root cause quickly, replicate problems and offer guided remediation.
  • Meraki Network Health, which is a cloud IT management tool to automate network and IT operations. The tool finds poor performing access points and provides insights to improve service.

Cisco will round out its analytics problem with services to deploy them.

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